Company Concept

社是 和 人中心の経営 堅実な基盤に立った積極経営 地域社会との融合と国際化物を大切にする生かす 分社分業の小島グループ経営

Not only harmony within the company, but also the integration of harmony on a broader scale is essential.
In other words, integration that is based on family harmony leads to the development of the company, the local community, and international society.
It is this concept that is the fundamental spirit of our company.

長期テーマ「人をつくり 人をまもる」「対話と参加」
長期テーマ「人をつくり 人をまもる」「対話と参加」

Our goal is to develop truly talented people who accept the spirit of harmony, can mutually converse and participate with others,
and can contribute to the society.