Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Kojima Industries Corporation (hereinafter “the Company”) considers the trust of its customers to be its greatest priority and believes the correct, confidential handling of customers’ personal information to be an important obligation of the Company. It has established a privacy policy concerning customers’ personal information and will thoroughly implement measures for the handling of that personal information. The contents of that policy are as follows.

Personal Information

Personal information refers to the following information that can be used and collated for the identification of specific individuals. Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, occupation, IDs assigned to individuals, passwords, etc., and other information that cannot identify an individual on its own but that can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual.

Collection of Personal Information and Purpose of Use

For the collection of personal information, our general rule is for the voluntary supply of information by customers, and we will not collect customers’ personal information without their permission. Further, we will use the personal information supplied by customers within the scope of the following purposes:

  • to deliver the content ordered by the customer;
  • to deliver materials and catalogues requested by the customer;
  • to respond to comments and requests made by the customer;
  • to distribute e-newsletters;
  • to develop and improve contents and deliver services that are attractive and of value to customers; and
  • for when a need arises to come into contact with customers for some other reason.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We will not disclose the personal information supplied by customers to any third party except in any of the following cases:

  • when we have received the customer’s consent;
  • when disclosing it in a state in which the individual customer cannot be identified;
  • when disclosing personal information to an affiliated company, etc. to the extent necessary (in such cases, we will take measures such as making a confidentiality agreement);
  • when it is determined to be necessary under law;
  • when we determine that the customer will bring disadvantage to a third party; and
  • when it is believed to be necessary in the interest of the customer or the public interest.

Control of Personal Information

Customers’ personal information is controlled in a secure environment that cannot be accessed by third parties. We have put systems in place to ensure that there will be no leaks, destruction, falsification, etc. of data.

Checks, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information

Customers who wish to view, correct, or delete personal information that they have supplied to us are asked to contact us from the inquiry page on the website. To prevent leaks of personal information, we will only disclose, correct, or delete a customer’s personal information if we are able to confirm that the inquiry has been made by that customer.

Cookies, etc.

A cookie is a function that sends a small data file from the web server to the customer’s browser and hard disk and is able to refer to its content. A customer’s identity cannot be specified from cookies. The Company may use cookies to provide customized services to suit individual customers and to revise or remove contents to better satisfy our customers.

Confirmation and Cautions

When customers disclose personal information voluntarily when using noticeboards, etc., there is a risk that such information will be collected and used by other users. Please communicate your information at your own responsibility and exercise due caution in the handling of your information. In addition, third-party websites, services, and companies and other organizations offering prizes or conducting sales promotion activities that can be accessed from the Company’s website or the websites of our affiliated companies have their own codes or regulations concerning privacy that are separate from those of the Company and our affiliated companies. The Company accepts no obligations or responsibilities whatsoever concerning the supply of personal information by customers themselves to such companies or websites.

Amendment of Privacy Policy and Notifications

Please be aware that the contents of the Privacy Policy may be amended as necessary. Notification to customers will be by referral of the latest contents of this page.