Environmental Report

Our Vision

To contribute to building a sustainable society through our business activities, including development, production, and logistics, we will promote environmental initiatives that will build the three pillars of “carbon-free society,” “recycling-oriented society,” and “society in harmony with nature.”


KOJIMA Environmental Challenge 2050

Decarbonization (climate change/CO2)

1. Plant CO2 Zero Challenge

Set a target for CO2 emissions reductions for 2030 of a 30% reduction from FY2013 levels, promote CO2 emissions reduction activities through the development and introduction of low-carbon production technologies and everyday improvement activities, and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases

2. Life Cycle CO2 Zero Challenge

Promotion of environmental management in product development (evaluation of environmental footprint), environmentally conscious design, pursuit of transport efficiency and CO2 emissions reductions in logistics activities

Recycling (Resources and Water)

3. Water Environment Impact Minimization Challenge

Reduction of water use in production activities, water conservation activities, and water recycling activities

4. Recycling-oriented Society and Systems Building Challenge

Reduction of waste generated by production activities, reduction of use of depleted natural resources through the use of renewable resources and recycled materials, reduction and effective use of packaging materials in logistics activities, and deployment of recycling systems for end-of-life vehicles’ components

Harmony with Nature

5. Future Building Challenge Where People and Nature Co-exist in Harmony

Promotion of nature conservation activities at all locations and environmental contributions through forest conservation activities


Activities for compliance with environmental laws and regulations and the prevention of environmental risks, promotion of activities for the elimination of complaints, enhancement of product chemical management, and awareness raising activities through environmental education