Overseas Subsidiaries

Overseas Group companies indispensable for achieving “complete interior design support”

Our overseas subsidiaries in North America, Thailand, China, and Europe also expand our business as a system supplier utilizing the strong product supply capability provided by the supply chains of all our companies to make us a “one-stop source for interior components.”

North America

D.A.Inc. (DA)

Business : Manufacture and sale of clamps, clips and protectors


Kyowa America Corporation (KAC)

Business : Manufacture of oil separators, door panels, rocker panels, etc.


Kyomex,S.A.deC.V. (KMX)

Business : Manufacture of bumpers, instrument panels, over fenders, spoilers, antenna covers, etc.


Dongguan Daiwa Kasei Auto Motive Parts Co.,Ltd (DAC)

Business : Manufacture of clips, clamps, protectors, etc. and mold production


Kojima Auto Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (KATT)

Business : Manufacture of registers, cup holders, heater controls, inside handles, louver cowl tops, USB jacks, etc.


Daiwa Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (DAT)

Business : Manufacture of clips, clamps, protectors, etc.


Kojima Industries Asia Corporation Ltd.(KIAC)

Business : As an international business center, general management, technical support, sales advice, sales promotion, human resources, training, and procurement of materials to supply affiliates


PT.Echo Advanced Technology Indonesia (EATI)

Business : Manufacture of registers, center clusters, inside handles, etc.

PT. Kojima Auto Technology Indonesia (KATI)

Business : Indonesian sales and technical liaison

Daiwa Kasei India Private Ltd. (DAI)

Business : Indian sales liaison (clamps, clips)


Daiwa Kasei Europe B.V.(DAE)

Business : European sales liaison (clamps, clips, protectors)