Contributing to building a sustainable society in the spirit of our Company Policy “Harmony”

Since our foundation, our company has held firm in our approaches of “make use of the old” and “give things a full life” based on the spirit of our Company Policy of “Harmony.” We pursue corporate activities that will contribute to environmentally friendly manufacturing with the aim of enriching society. Beginning with our active use of offcuts since 1949, our efforts to make full use of resources have been passed down in an unbroken line over the years.

And now, in the present day, we are working to speed up our efforts toward a sustainable society. Based on our desire to be “good community members before being good business people,” we cherish active exchanges with people in the local community. In terms of the environment, we have established numerical targets, beginning with the KOJIMA Environmental Challenge 2050, which aims to build the three pillars of “carbon-free society,” “recycling-oriented society,” and “society in harmony with nature.” Ultimately, our goal is to achieve zero CO2 emissions across our entire supply chain.

Never forgetting that our corporate activities are supported and made possible by all our stakeholders, including our valued customers, suppliers, and local communities, as well as our employees and their families, we will push ahead with our business to build a sustainable society.

President Eiji Kojima