Brand Personality

Our challenge that began with small metal parts now moves to the stage of proposing interior and exterior components in our domains

Over 80 years ago, we expanded our domain from the manufacture of metal parts for the periphery of automotive engines to plastic technologies. We proceeded even further to integrate electrical and electronic technologies into our operations. With this transition, we have evolved into a company that is able to take orders for the full package of automobile interiors.
Currently, leveraging the knowledge and technologies we have accumulated over many years, we are enhancing corporate value through the development and proposal of interior and exterior components in the interior and zero emissions domains. To plan products that meet the needs of end users and our customers, we are constantly looking ahead and creating new value.

Research and Development

Enhancing added value of our products to strengthen competitiveness

At All-Kojima, including our Group companies, individual companies pursue their own technologies as specialist manufacturers. Kojima Research Center is our specialist organization that oversees the research and development themes of the individual companies, pursuing R&D of both basic and advanced technologies. In recent years, it has been working on the research and development of new functional thin films, based on three types of vacuum deposition technologies—vapor deposition polymerization (VDP), physical vapor deposition (PVD), and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Our aim is to use these technologies to strengthen our competitiveness by adding value to our products through the addition of functions and the reduction of costs. We are also working to create new businesses beyond automotive components. These new businesses will aim for carbon neutrality and to deliver new products and services to the world.


Technology development


Creating and proposing new value for automotive components

Kojima Industries is enhancing its corporate value as a proposal-based company that provides a total service from the planning and proposal of products to their design and manufacture. In our core segment of automotive interior components in our Interiors domain, we are working to develop attractive products that offer comfort to the vehicle’s occupants and that are responsive to the changes in the mobility sector. Also, to contribute to building a carbon-free society through manufacturing, in our exterior components in the Zero Emissions domain, we are leveraging our areas of expertise, including products that use aerodynamics, to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

About product information


Achieving quality, low-cost manufacturing with our unique technological strengths

We engage in manufacturing in our pursuit of ways to make good products cheaply. One way in which we are working toward this goal is through the concept of “making things for making things.” By possessing the technological capabilities to develop processing methods and production equipment in-house for the manufacture of components, we have established our own processing technologies that are ideally suited to our operations. We are also working on process design using digital engineering, which we are developing to achieve even better quality, cheaper manufacturing.


Train people


To promote the growth of each individual employee and become a group of professionals

A company is the aggregate of its people. With the automotive industry entering an age of great transformation, for the company to grow sustainably, the growth of its people is essential. We ask each and every one of our employees to possess their own advanced skills, have an accurate awareness of their own roles, and strive to be a group of professionals who act with a sense of ownership.
To nurture such employees, we have incorporated our long-term theme and basic concept of “We train and protect people” into our individual programs. In our employee training program, which comprises more than 100 lectures, we are achieving “shared education” by having employees themselves become the instructors. Meanwhile, to help our people to become independent, valuable members of society who are able to contribute to the community, we are building up our people for the sake of society, through interactions with local communities, voluntary activities, and environmental improvements such as the use of recycled items. Management and workers are also working together to enhance our welfare programs to “protect people” and build comfortable working environments.