Message from the President


August 2022 Message

Our valued customer, Toyota Motor Corporation, recorded the top global sales of automobiles for the first half of the year for a third consecutive year. Even under unpredictable circumstances such as COVID-19 and semiconductor chip shortages, it is driving the recovery of the economy forward.
As one of the components manufacturers that supports that achievement, we must constantly refine all aspects of our capabilities in development, technology, and manufacturing, so we will continue to be a company that is needed.

In particular, as the shift to electric vehicles picks up pace, in the zero emissions field of which we are a part, it is essential that we acquire the latest technologies and information about future mobility that aims to come as close to zero emissions as possible.
This may not be an easy challenge with our existing technologies and knowledge alone. At the same time, I also believe that this is a field that will give rise to even more business opportunities in the future.

To prepare for such a future, in recent years, we have pursued new relationships and collaborative initiatives with suppliers and overseas alliance partners. We will speed up these activities in the second half of the year and, by taking maximum advantage of the technologies that are our mutual strengths, we will connect those efforts to higher value-added proposals.

I am grateful for your continued understanding and support as we strive to be a company you can trust. We intend to strengthen our corporate structure through the hard work of each employee, and devote ourselves to achieving “harmony” with our families and local communities.