Message from the President


November 2022 Message

On October 11, PLANIC Co., Ltd., a company established as a joint venture between Veolia Japan K.K., Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and Kojima Sangyo Co., Ltd., a member of the Kojima Group, began full-scale operations of a new plant in Omaezaki City.

Using state-of-the-art technology introduced in Japan for the first time, PLANIC will sort mixed plastics from automobiles and household appliances, which have previously been considered difficult to sort into their component materials, and use them to produce high-quality recycled plastics that can be re-used as materials for automotive components and other products.

Meanwhile, our founding principles at the Kojima Group are “make use of the old” and “give things a full life.” Kojima Sangyo began by acquiring sheet metal offcuts generated in the production processes of our customers and using them as the raw material to produce small pressed-metal components.
 After that, in the course of operating our business of recycling plastic bumpers, we also made the technology for the production of recycled plastics our own.

This resolute pursuit of our founding principles has enabled us to contribute in our own way to the promotion of the circular economy in Japan. This is an honor and, at the same time, a great responsibility, one that we find immensely rewarding.

Going forward, the employees of the entire Kojima Group will inherit and expand our founding spirit as we promote carbon neutrality and contribute value to a sustainable society.

I am grateful for your continued understanding and support as we strive to be a company you can trust. We intend to strengthen our corporate structure through the hard work of each employee, and devote ourselves to achieving “harmony” with our families and local communities.