Message from the President


September 2023 Message

The new Qualified Invoice System will commence on October 1 next month, and the Act on Book and Record Keeping through Electronic Methods will be revised in January 2024. In the lead-up to such important changes in society, by clarifying the various operational processes and taking a fresh look at each individual task to check whether any hidden wastefulness, we at Kojima are also working to standardize our operations, including managed items and financial records, and coalesce DX with our systems.

Amid the promotion of DX human resources development, while providing support for all employees to understand the new ways of working and give them the opportunity to re-examine their own work, we will further strengthen the functional coordination of All-Kojima through these efforts.

Declaring this month as “Information Security Enhancement Month,” we will conduct new initiatives in line with JAMA’s cyber security guidelines for the automotive industry.

To ensure that the incident of February last year will lead to opportunities for our further growth, we will work to organize our information assets and further strengthen our BCP, while also pursuing personnel development by increasing people’s understanding of information security.

I am grateful for your continued understanding and support as we strive to be a company you can trust. We intend to strengthen our corporate structure through the hard work of each employee, and devote ourselves to achieving “harmony” with our families and local communities.