Message from the President


November 2023 Message

I recently visited the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023, which opened at the end of last month. As I viewed the various exhibits, which included next-generation mobility devices such as EVs and walking robots, as well as software evolutions, I gained a strong sense that the conventional way of thinking that one side in competition—between nations, that is Japan and the other industrialized nations, or between types of vehicles, namely BEVs and gasoline-powered vehicles— will be the victor no longer applies. In other words, the increasingly diverse state of mobility is something that is not limited to the automotive industry, instead transcending industry barriers, and people all around the world need to share it and work together to create the future.

As someone who works in the automotive industry, I hope to share with the employees of All-Kojima our great responsibility to respond to many and varied values and needs and contribute to the mobility society of the future, and to continue our challenge toward that goal.

In continuing that challenge, no matter how much automobiles evolve and ways of working change, what is most necessary for manufacturing that is trusted by our customers and the world at large is the advancement of safety and quality.

This month being Quality Awareness Month, we will concentrate our efforts on activities to instill much greater awareness of raising the level of quality.
Quality discrepancies have many different causes, but what most need to do is return to the fundamental rules for the protection of quality and pursue improvements and activities faithfully.
Further, we have recently been pursuing activities for the use of digital tools to improve the efficiency of our work and activities that will help us solve production floor needs and concerns.

Amid such efforts, I will actively support our people who are able to respond appropriately to the causes of problems and points of variation with fundamental quality thinking, and activities that will lead to quality improvements through the visualization and repeated analysis of the various data, in our endeavors to raise the level of quality.

I am grateful for your continued understanding and support as we strive to be a company you can trust. We intend to strengthen our corporate structure through the hard work of each employee, and devote ourselves to achieving “harmony” with our families and local communities.