Message from the President


April 2024 Message

We have recently formulated our new Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) as All-Kojima, so that we may build a sustainable management structure for the years ahead amid an uncertain future.
Since our foundation, we have cherished our Company Policy of “Harmony” and our basic philosophy, with its long-term themes of “We train and protect people” and “Conversation and Participation,” and we have put them all into practice in our respective work. This people-centered approach, which has been passed down unbroken from our predecessors and senior colleagues, is something that has never changed and will never change in the future.

However, we are currently in the midst of a once-in-a-century period of transformation, and the centennial of our company’s foundation in 2038 is just 14 years away. Under these circumstances, after unifying our thoughts on the questions of what the purpose of the company’s existence in society is, what our mission and raison d’être should be, and what we should aim for as we move toward our centennial, we felt that we needed some guidelines for action to help up achieve these things, which could be shared by all employees. It was for this reason that we formulated the MVV.

The formulation of the MVV was a company-wide project, in which all employees had a say. To raise awareness of the MVV among our employees, we also discussed it at this spring’s management-labor negotiations. In these negotiations, in addition to wages and work styles, the “creation of attractive workplaces” was raised as a theme for discussion. We recognized the issues involved in this theme, and we were able to have lively conversations about it. To create workplaces in which every individual can work with vitality, we will continue to discuss those issues between management and labor.

Finally, on April 1, we welcomed 33 new graduate employees.
At the entrance ceremony, I conveyed my hope that, as espoused in the new Vision, the thoughts and actions of each individual will become a major driving force toward becoming a company that exceeds customers’ expectations. All of us intend to support our new recruits so that they may play an active role in our operations as soon as possible and so that they will grow into leaders who will hold up the company as we head toward our centennial.

I am grateful for your continued understanding and support as we strive to be a company you can trust. We intend to strengthen our corporate structure through the hard work of each employee, and devote ourselves to achieving “harmony” with our families and local communities.